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Addressing the problem: Hydrogen sulfide explained, what it is and what it does.

At Aulick Chemical Solutions we’re serious about treating wastewater. We specialize in preventing the gaseous form of sulfuric acid found in wastewater; hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide is odorous, detrimental to personal health and safety while also highly corrosive to concrete walls, electrical conduit and panels at collection systems and wastewater treatment plants.

BC Fogging System

BC Fogging System - View larger version of the image

Due to trends in the wastewater treatment industry, wastewater collection is now performed further away from cities. This allows more residence of the wastewater after leaving the home or industry and produces more of the harmful hydrogen sulfide that is attacking the infrastructures of collection systems. The corrosion to concrete can cause roadways and manholes to collapse while the corrosion to electrical equipment has caused raw wastewater to spill into the environment at pump stations.

From an odor standpoint, hydrogen sulfide is a nuisance to members of the community who live or drive by wastewater treatment plants. It’s also deadly. At concentrations above 500 ppm, hydrogen sulfide kills people each year in the wastewater treatment industry when untreated.

The Solution

Aulick Chemical Solutions is the front line in the fight against hydrogen sulfide in wastewater. You could say we're 'passionate experts'. 'Passionate', because we love what we do and never settle for second best. Going the extra mile is the norm and we actually look forward to Monday mornings. We’re 'experts', simply due to our superior products. Our experienced research and development team has the ability to create custom solutions for almost any need in the wastewater treatment process.

Nitra Nox Injection System

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We're innovators of Chemical Feed Systems that get directly to the source of your problem, address the issue and remove it efficiently. By dispensing Nitra-Nox directly into the force main in our Nitra Nox Injection System, we’re allowed to feed it at a proportional rate. As the flow of wastewater increases, the injection of Nitra-Nox increases. The old way of drip feeding didn’t compensate for change in wastewater flow, thus we created a simple yet effective design that compensates for flowrate. We often like to ask ourselves, "how can we make it better?".

Our client list continues to grow just as we do. We design systems custom-made for the problem at hand for private industry, lift stations, water treatment plants and wastewater facilities.