Water Treatment

With the ever increasing, year-round demand for clean, fresh drinking water, municipal water treatment plants must have chemical products which are effective in all weather conditions. Many of the products available in the market are designed to only work in warm weather conditions well above 32°F. Aulick Chemical Solutions recognizes this problem and is committed to providing municipal water treatment chemicals and technical support to ensure quality water production year-round.

Disinfection By-Products

Disinfection by-products from chlorination are the major compliance issue facing water systems in the southeastern United States today. Aulick has worked with multiple systems in Tennessee and Kentucky to successfully lower their disinfection by-products utilizing a variety of strategies. When it comes to disinfection by-product mitigation, one size does not fit all. Contact Aulick today to request an onsite evaluation of your water system. We'll provide you with an in-depth strategy to bring your system into compliance with the disinfection by-product rule. Call today, 877.804.2616.