Degreasers / Force Main Strippers


Degreasers is a dirty word in wastewater treatment. For the past 80 years companies have claimed to have the miracle chemical to cure all fats, oils and grease issues in wastewater treatment collection systems. With the product came no expertise or experience of how the product could affect the collection system and wastewater treatment facility.

Research and development of degreasers must be multidimensional to maximize the efficiency and minimize the effect on the wastewater treatment plant. Whether it's a biological or chemical degreaser, the municipality must have a company with the research and expertise in the overall effect of the product.

Golden Blend

Golden Blend is a biodegradable, non-hazardous citrus degreaser. Its concentrated formula is made from orange peel oils and it works to remove grease on contact. Golden Blend can be used in several degreasing situations and it has a unique ability to replace chlorinated solvents and other solvents such as methyl ethyl keytone, xylene and other petroleum products. It can be used as a floating lift station degreaser, grease trap cleaner, graffiti remover and has several other uses.

225 Force Main Stripper

225 Force Main Stripper is a super concentrated solution designed to be added directly into lift stations and pumped into force mains during regular operations. As it moves through the force main, all buildup is stripped leaving perfectly cleaned pipes.


CC-62 is a non-foaming caustic powdered lift station degreaser. With its super concentrated formula it quickly dissolves fats, oils and greases in lift stations.