Biological Complexes


The innovation of Aulick Chemical Solutions line of bacteria is to degrade pollutants and impurities in wastewater. Each product is designed specifically to meet the needs of individual treatment facilities.

Biological activity is the key to removing impurities and pollutants in the wastewater. It's the inspiration of Aulick to develop biological products and to create a cleaner water and ecosystem.

AulBac LS

AulBac LS is a specially designed enzymatic biological complex. It quickly digests grease in lift stations and grease traps, producing a bi-product of carbon dioxide in the water. AulBac LS is available in five gallon pails and 55 gallon drums.

AulBac ANA 200

AulBac ANA 200 is a scientifically formulated blend used to reduce foaming and improve sludge density and settling. It is highly effective in wastewater treatment systems that receive high levels of fats or greases. AulBac ANA 200 is available in 25 lb. pails- containing 25, 1 lb. bags for easy application.

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