Paint Strippers

Paint strippers look different today. In the past, the accepted methods were with solvents such as Acetone and Methylene Chloride. Today, the combination of environmental and health and safety restrictions forces Aulick to research and develop products that increase safety without compromising the effectiveness of paint stripping. With Aulick’s involvement in wastewater, each paint stripper is designed with the treatment of the water in mind.


FPS-407 is specially designed for fast and effortless removal of floor paint. It is extremely effective at removing unwanted paint lines and floor markers. It contains no chlorinated solvents and will not harm concrete surfaces. Because of its thick, viscous formulation, it will strip the paint where it is applied without running.


Vegas is a product designed for the fast removal of paint and over-spray. Vegas stands alone in its ability to remove unwanted paint without having to wait on the product to start working. From the moment Vegas is applied, you can actually see it working. Vegas is also unique because unlike other paint strippers, it does not leave behind any harmful residue.


Green Strip is is a zero VOC, biodegradable paint stripper designed to remove paint and over spray with no residue. It has a high evaporation rate, but the evaporation rate can be altered with a zero VOC "toil" solvent.


Eco-Clear is biodegradable, non-hazardous, fast drying glass cleaner designed to remove paint and over spray from glass surfaces. It is an ultra-low VOC glass cleaner having a total VOC content of only 5%. Eco-Clear dries fast with no streaking. It has a mild mint-like odor and is completely soluble in water.

GC Clear 1120

This ready-to-use glass cleaner is designed for use in paint shop application to remove paint overspray and clean windows. The streak-free glass cleaner can also be used to remove and clean over spray on hard to clean surfaces, such as stainless steel and other metal surfaces. GC Clear 1120 can be diluted for cleaning of windows and other hard surfaces with light overspray.