As an alternative to stripping paint from industrial settings such as paint booth walls, grates and carrier chains, Aulick has developed a line of non-hazardous booth coatings to eliminate the need for paint strippers. Many coatings on the market contain emulsifiers to increase solubility in water. However, emulsification is an enemy to paint booth wastewater treatment. Aulick realizes this and ensures there are no emulsifiers in our booth coatings.

AulCoat Sprayable White

AulCoat Sprayable White is a high temperature resistant grease that is great on paint booth conveyor systems. It can be easily applied by spray or roller. AulCoat Sprayable White will remain tacky for up to 6 months.

AulCoat Tacky

This solvent based tacky coating can be used in an oven and non-oven setting. It will collect floating airborne particles that can play havoc on parts being painted in plant facility infrastructures.


SGC-520 is a coating used on paint booth grates when extremely high pressure is not to be used. It's 100% environmentally friendly and completely safe to work with. Once soiled with paint and over spray, no chemical strippers are needed for removing the soil from the grate (only pressurized water). The coating is biodegradable and aids in paint separation during wastewater treatment. It's highly effective for using in areas where it's hard to remove paint residue.