Our Innovations

ProFlo Dual Fan VDS

Landfill, Transfer Station, and Industrial Odor Control Solution

Building upon what made its predecessor so effective, the ProFlo Dual Fan Vapor Distribution System (VDS) incorporates two oscillating fans attached to a stainless steel frame designed for maximum output to control odor. A vapor chamber is present to distribute vapor charged air throughout two main supply lines that remove odorous compounds present. ROX-92, Aulick’s odor control chemical, is fed into the main chamber via a metering pump for accurate dosing. The main chamber utilizes temperature and pressure to change liquid into vapor form while ROX-92 absorbs nuisance odors such as H2S, ammonia and mercaptans making the ProFlo Dual Fan VDS highly effective in outdoor odor control scenarios such as Landfills, Transfer Stations and Industrial Odor Control Scenarios. 

Key Specs Include:

  • Stainless Steel Frame To Withstand Harsh Environments
  • Tested And Proven In Landfill And Industrial Odor Control Scenarios
  • Fiberglass Enclosure w/Regenerative Blower
  • Dual Oscillating Fan System
  • Vapor Chamber Utilizing ROX-92 Vapor Technology
  • Available For Temporary Rental Or Purchase
  • Chemical Metering Pump To Assure Accurate Dosing
  • No Wet Mist Or Freezing With Vapor
  • Mobile Units Are Easily Transported, Installed & Maintained
  • Highly Effective Year Round, Seasonal Or For One-Time Event