Innovative System for the Removal of Lift Station Matting

The Matador was designed to effectively clear matting issues in municipal wastewater lift stations. This build-up of matting, which can be up to several feet thick, can be caused by fat, oil, and grease (FOG) accumulation as well as other industrial wastewater flow in the collection system. These matting issues can be difficult to remove by plant personnel and can cause lift stations to clog and even shut down. When removed by hand, the troublesome build-up usually comes back within a couple of days. The Matador can also decrease lift station pump maintenance due to its ability to prevent clogging of pumps from lift station debris and matting interference with pump floats.

The system uses a regenerative blower (sized to each application) to power the Matador in the wet well. The Matador aids in overall wastewater quality, creating the first stage in digestion and promotes healthy biological growth by breaking down solids into a more digestible form. The Matador also creates an aerobic environment preventing the future production of hydrogen sulfide where thiobacillus bacteria can flourish and consume existing hydrogen sulfide.

Features and Benefits of The Matador

  • Operates in compact fiberglass enclosure
  • Formatted to fit individual lift stations
  • Prevents formation of hydrogen sulfide due to increased dissolved oxygen levels
  • Begins to dissolve lift station FOG almost immediately
  • Encourages lift station microbial population to aerobic state
  • Decreased cost and cleaning time for utility maintenance personnel and third-party vacuum services
  • Simple installation by Aulick personnel
  • Cost-effective
  • Air-powered circulation

Download The Matador product brochure by clicking the icon above.

The wet well pictured below is normally vacuumed once every 2 weeks due to FOG build up. Since Matador installation, the wet well has yet to have any FOG issues. 

The Matador - Live Installation at Collection System Wet Well