Jackpot MCS Advantage


The Jackpot MCS Advantage (media cartridge subscription) is a program for the installation and replacement of Jackpot Activated Carbon Media Cartridges every quarter. The Jackpot MCS Advantage was born out of the desire to serve our customers, provide value, and control odor in the field and collection system of local utilities. This value-added service provides the customer with the following terms of service:

  • Aulick technical consultant works directly with customer to identify the location of troublesome manhole or lift station
  • Aulick staff installs Jackpot unit free of charge after unit(s) have been purchased
  • Consultant then installs replacement media cartridges each quarter free of charge
  • Aulick bills quarterly installation of replacement activated carbon media cartridge after notification replacement process was complete 
  • Customer doesn't have to re-order or install cartridges, field odor complaints due to expired cartridges, or any other direct involvement