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Who We Are                                                

Aulick Chemical Solutions is an industry leader providing custom solutions for hydrogen sulfide prevention. Whether in the public utility sector with wastewater treatment plants or in private industry with processing or rendering facilities, Aulick has the experience to craft a custom hydrogen sulfide prevention solution for your needs. We're willing to go the extra mile to fight hydrogen sulfide, odor, and corrosion for your utility or company. If we don't currently have a solution for your specific operation, we'll create one. 

Our Solutions 


Hydrogen sulfide prevention through chemical application isn't a one-size-fits-all science. Therefore, we've developed cutting-edge chemical feed systems that are carefully engineered to provide our customers with the best possible outcome. Trial and testing is an important part of our approach to odor control. We're a hands-on company who know how to get directly to the source of your problem. 

Our Systems